My new favourite summer meal: 냉면 Naengmyeon

Last weekend my program took us all to 부산 Busan and I finally was able to have some delicious 냉면 (naengmyeon). I chose 물냉면 (water naengmyeon) which is buckwheat noodles in a cold broth. The other doesn't have the broth. This one came with 1/2 an egg, a slice of pork, some kimchi slices, cucumber, and of course 고추장 red pepper paste to make it spicy \(^.^)/
Apparently the place we went to is quite famous, I believe it! We had to wait in line to go and eat!

The whole time I was eating it I kept singing SNSD Jessica and 박명수 Park Myung Soo's duet song, it's quite catchy ^.~

Have you tried 냉면?
What did you think?
I will upload more photos from 부산 soon ^^


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