Living in Seoul: Smoggy vs. Clear days

There are so many little things I notice living here, so I thought I would just start sharing them here. I don't want to forget these things that are a part of my daily life in Seoul.
My friends and I have all learned that yellow dust is the worst. From what I've heard it's basically a combination of sand and pollution with some other stuff thrown in, I'm sure.

On a good, clear day ^^ do you see the stadium? (it's in the center)
The way we judge how bad it is: look out the window, I know a clear day when I can see across the river and the mountains in the background. I use Olympic Stadium and Lotte World as my main gauge. On a clear day I can easily see them both on the worst days I can't see them at all. It's in between for other days.

Today is not a clear day... it's also raining. Which means tomorrow might be ok!
The days it's really bad it tends to be harder to breathe outside and leaves you just generally not feeling all that great. If you ever come here I'm sure you too will experience this and find your own way of gauging how bad it is.


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