Lazy Days: 팥빙수 and 건대 at sunset

After our excursion to 경주 Gyeongju on Saturday we've all been a bit lazy the past couple days. On Sunday 3 of us decided to try 팥빙수 since we weren't up to doing much after the dorm festival the night before (more on that later). The school festival starts tomorrow, which is super exciting! I've heard Epik High is coming on Weds (the school's founding day).
 The weather has taken a sudden jump here in Seoul to the '80s (F) which means time to try 팥빙수 (patbingsu). My friends and I shared the strawberry one from Cafe Bene. It was so delicious!
팥빙수 is a popular warm-weather dessert here. It's made with shaved ice, red beans, sweet condensed milk, sometimes fruit and ice cream (such as ours!) It's a must try ^.^

 Tonight whilst wandering campus my friends and I decided to go onto the roof of the student union building. I wish I had brought my actual camera, but luckily I did have my phone on me. I love the 건대 campus, it's just so pretty in the spring. Then again I say the same thing about Kean in the spring.

Have you tried 팥빙수? What's your favourite flavour?


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