Cherry Blossoms at Seoul Children's Grand Park

Yesterday my friends and I walked to the Seoul Children's Grand Park (서울 어린이대공원) to look at the cherry blossoms there. The weather was so gorgeous and the place was packed! It was the perfect Sunday outing, so it makes sense. Flowering trees, especially cherry blossoms, are my absolute favourite thing. I've been forgetful on taking photos, but 건대 campus has been so gorgeous recently with all the flowers blooming.

Finally spring is here, but it's funny to think back to when I arrived. The lake on campus was frozen. It was SO cold those first couple weeks. It's much nicer now, I have to go back to 뚝섬 soon, I was literally numb it was so cold the last time I went.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos ^^ 

Arriving from the parking lot, already it's pretty!
Cherry blossom 'snow'. She was really adorable, twirling around and asking here parents to
take a photo of her.

So busy!
 My friends and I decided we have to go back another day for a picnic. 
It's the perfect place for one! ^^

And now for some 'artsy' photos of the blossoms <3

And lastly a couple of bonus photos from the park:
There's a giant fountain set to music, it's pretty cool. In the summer I think it will be
even better because the water sprays you when the wind blows!

Artwork done by kids of the park, so cute!

About the park:
Admission is FREE ^.~
Hours: Park 05:00 - 22:00 Zoo 10:00 - 17:00

Getting There:
The park is ridiculously close to Konkuk, it's just behind the school's back gate and at most a 15min walk from KU:L House (dorms).
If you are coming from another part of Seoul, it is on subway Line 7.

Have you been to Seoul Children's Grand Park? 
Or are cherry blossoms your favourite too?


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