Photos from Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁

During the first week here at Konkuk ISA (study abroad company) took us on excursions within Seoul almost everyday. On day 3 or 4 we went to Gyeongbokgung 경복궁 which is of course one of the palaces in Seoul.

I find the contrast when on the palace grounds of looking at the mountains on one side and seeing the city on the other fascinating. It feels like a fusion between old and new.

경복궁 was built in 1395, during the Joseon Dynasty. However, the buildings that stand there today are not the same ones. You can find a brief history of the palace here or a more complete one here.

I love the details of the wood on the buildings. The tour guide told us that they assemble "like Lego" and there is nothing else holding them together. I thought it sounded more like a puzzle.

This is Gyeonghoero, the pavillion where special banquets and such. It's now a national treasure here and used to be on the ₩10,000.

The tall building in the distance is the National Folk Museum. Admission there is included when you pay the Palace admission.

This area is one of those places that is photographed quite a bit. I really want to go back and see it in the Spring. I think when all the trees and plants come back to life it will be even prettier.

Some details:
I just love the tile roofs.

I love how in old architecture there is such an emphasis on the small details.

This was the view inside one of the buildings. We were told the rooms were sparsely furnished to help protect the king. An assassin would be easy to spot when there is little to hide behind.

One thing I've noticed in Seoul is that there are always people out walking. We went to some parks (and even to 경복궁 on COLD days), but there were still people out everywhere. Just walking, chatting, or having a picnic even. 

Have you ever been to 경복궁?
What was your favourite part?

~Andie <3 앤디


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