A few photos from Namsan Seoul Tower

The first excursion our study abroad company took us on was out to Namsan Seoul Tower. It's a beautiful spot and the view is amazing. Also this where there are TONS of couple locks.

We took the cable car to get up the mountain since there were 17 of us and walking would take too long. You might remember the cable car from the popular drama Boys Over Flowers! :D

On the mountain is where you will find all the love locks. I found the variety of "locks" amusing. We found a cup, rice spoons, lots of cell phone cases, and the plastic packaging from the locks. Some people even had GIANT locks up there.
We found these couple benches to be pretty funny. They dip in the middle so that you are sitting really close together. A week in Seoul has me realizing that this is quite a couple oriented city. We even walked by a shoe place that had a discount for couples only... Makes you feel a bit "forever alone" :P

Anyway, let's leave the couple zone and go up top Seoul Tower.
I'm quite far from my home countries, I'm surprised to see that Toronto is closer, I'm not sure why I thought it was farther.

For the rest I will leave you with some photos of the excellent city views. It's a shame that it was so smoggy that day. I have a feeling that at night or on a clear day it is beyond amazing.

Have you been to Seoul Tower? Or do you want to go? 


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