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Clearly I need to add 호턱 (hotuk) to my list of foods to try. Can't go wrong with dough and brown sugar. I mean, how amazing does the photo from Chaney Kwak for Conde Nast Traveler look? (7th slide). While on the topic of food, Elle of Cute in Korea posted not long about 동빵 (poop bread). Sounds like something I would love. I'm making it a mission to try it at least once. The number of blog posts or articles about food in Korea I look at, you would think all I plan to do is eat, eat, eat.

Korea and Canada honour their 50 year relationship (Korea JoongAng Daily article). Also G.NA is an honorary ambassador. I might not be a huge fan of G.NA, but I am Canadian and going to Korea. Cool to hear this about the two nations. Also looks like I'll be in Korea for some of the Canadian celebratory fun:
There will also be a special program on KBS2 TV on Canadian cuisine in May or June in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission, as well as a Canada Day event in June in cooperation with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea.
Oh and the KTO posted that the Seoul Subway Travel Guide is now available in four additional languages, including English. Handy-dandy. 

It's been a long time since I've posted one of these types of posts here, eh? I used to do so more often when this blog was for school. But, it's fun, so once a week or so I'll round up a couple on fun things relating to Korea & Travel. You can also follow me on twitter @andiekp3 for more articles and such as I tend to re-tweet them.


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