Airport style and leaving for Seoul tomorrow

Well, it's finally my last night in NJ before I leave to study abroad in Seoul. It's VERY exciting, but also a little terrifying. I found out I was accepted back in October, so it's felt a little unreal since then. Now that I am staring at fully packed bags it definitely feels real. I've checked in for my flight, set out my clothes (airport fashion :P ), and have only a couple things left out.

My airport style is pretty much always the same: leggings, a loose comfy top, cardigan, and scarf. With Ugg boots because they are basically slippers you can wear out, though I always change into fuzzy socks for the flight :)
Speaking of airports and style, airport fashion is a total guilty pleasure. I'm not sure how it all started, but Korean celebrities have some of the best fashion... at the airport.

This will be my last post from the States for a while, so I will see you soon from Seoul :)


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