Getting my student visa!

This past week I was finally able to go into NYC in order to obtain my visa for South Korea. I found certain parts of the process a bit confusing, but in the end it all came together. I now have my visa and am all set to leave! (Except I don't for another 24 days...). If you are studying abroad in South Korea from the United States you are required to get a D-2 student visa if you will be there for more than 90 days.

The consulate is located at 460 Park Ave (between 57&58) with the visa office on the 6th floor. The flags are not always out, so an easy landmark is the citibank on the corner. I came from Penn Station and (insanely) walked there and back the first day. While it is definitely an excellent walk, I know not everyone can or wants to. Another option I tried was to take the E train Uptown (towards the Jamaica Center) and exit at 53rd and Lexington Ave, then it's only about a 10min or so walk. I have this weird thing when I'm in a city... I love to walk. There's just so much to see.

The weather was unfortunately pretty poor both days. Tuesday was cold and cloudy, Wednesday was cold and cloudy with fog. It wasn't ideal to say the least, but what can you do?

On Weds I met up with my best friend after and we decided to poke around the shops at Grand Central Terminal. It was really fun and I hadn't been there in years. The building is gorgeous and it's just nice to walk around. By the way, if you are a Mac or Apple fan, the store is huge. It just keeps going and going.

I have a habit of relating songs to random moments in my life. For example, I always think of driving during my first semester in uni when I hear Coldplay's Viva la Vida because it was on the radio all the time. SunnyHill's 베짱이 찬가 (The Grasshopper Song) will probably always make me think of weaving through the streets during this trip.

One last look on my way back to Penn on Weds... I love this city :)
If you have any questions about the visa process feel free to ask and I will try to answer.
"See" you tomorrow for the weekly Kpop review/breakdown post!


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