Studying and practicing Korean

I am the sort that needs to study a little everyday when learning a language. These are a couple awesome online sources that can help you practice and expand your vocabulary a bit.

This site offers tons of languages, including Korean. The idea is that you have a 'garden' of words. You plant each word, harvest and water it. There are several courses to choose from at different levels. This site also requires you to type in Korean, so make sure you add the language to your computer. It's great for learning and memorizing new words rather than phrases or grammar. It is free. Here is a link to the Korean courses.

The Korea Times Hangeul Flashcards
These were created by the newspaper to help foreigners moving to Korea learn the language. They feature tons of everyday phrases, occupations, numbers, etc. There are also some relating to customs and food! Extremely handy, there are now over 600 of them. This tumblr is a good database of 1-632.


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