Places to go! Seoul Children's Grand Park

I am the sort that loves cute things and places, so I cannot explain how excited I was when I realized that the 서울 어린이대공원 Seoul Children's Grand Park is only one stop away from 건국. According to Google maps, it is entirely possible to walk there, should only take about 15 minutes. I'm always up for walking, so that sounds feasible to me!

Image Credit: Seoul Children's Grand Park website

From the Frommer's day by day guidebook:

A huge complex, this family park includes hiking trails, a botanical garden, a zoo, a small amusement park with rides good for smaller children, and an outdoor stage. Over half of the area is green space, perfect for kids to run around.

Obviously, I am not traveling with kids, nor am I a kid (debatable to some), but I love places like this. The trails, botanical garden, music fountain and zoo are what I most want to see. I love zoos, the last time I went to one was the Austin Zoo down in Texas around last Christmastime, I kinda want to go again... I will have to see who I drag along with me! It's super cute, if you've never been.

Seoul Children's Grand Park Links:
Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)
Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation
Seoul Children's Grand Park (Korean only)


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