Book Haul: books on Seoul/South Korea

With an official departure date and less than three months to go I decided to buy a couple of guidebooks for Seoul and South Korea.

I have to admit my local Barnes & Noble had a very limited selection of guide books for South Korea. I was disappointed that my favourite DK Eyewitness Travel doesn't have one for either. I had their Paris guide when I went this summer, was amazing and extremely helpful.

Seoul day by day - Frommer's
South Korea - Insight Guides
Living Abroad in South Korea - Jonathan Hopfner (Moon)

Native Speaker by Chang-Rae
This is a fictional novel that was recommended by the program I am going with. I figure I love to read and the summary captured me, so why not? One of their other recommendations was an amazing book (non-fiction), Still Life with Rice by Helie Lee.
Description from the back of the book:
Korean American Henry Park is "surreptitious, B+ student of life, illegal alien, emotional alien, Yellow peril: neo-American, stranger, follower, traitor, spy..." or so says his wife, in the list she writes upon leaving him. Henry is forever uncertain of his place, a perpetual outsider looking at American culture from a distance. And now, a man of two worlds, he is beginning to fear that he ha betrayed both - and belongs to neither.


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