The queen is back

Reading: I just finished two books this weekend, "The Happiness Project" and "Ready Player One." Loved one, disliked the other. "Ready Player One" was extremely entertaining, I was hooked the whole time and liked all of the characters. "The Happiness Project" annoyed me endlessly. I read it based on a recommendation and thought it would be a good read on the plane (I ended up sleeping that whole trip). 

Watching: 냄새를 보는 소녀 / The Girl Who Sees Smells. I started watching it whilst recovering from jet lag and a cold, and I am completely hooked. The seeing smells part is a bit silly, but otherwise, this drama is awesome. Since a major component of it is catching a serial killer, it's so suspenseful. You do actually find out who the killer is fairly early in the series, but they still manage to keep that suspense up. Also the romance is really sweet, and he's not a jerk, which is nice.

Listening To: BoA's back, and I am loving both "Who Are You?" and "Kiss My Lips."


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