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Kpop, Frozen and whatnot

A spot of random chatting for today. ^^

- I have to say I've been loving SNSD's "Mr. Mr." I think I've actually seen most of the performance videos, which is incredibly unlike me. Not so much for the song and dance, although I like both, but the styling. I love the suits and the flared dresses. Makeup and hair are also good. The last time, and only time, I remember liking their stage looks so much was "The Boys." (Although the song's not a favourite...)

- I've also been listening to Orange Caramel's latest and a couple of 2NE1's songs ("Come Back Home" and "Happy").

- EXO's coming back April 15, you know I'm excited ;) As far as K and M promoting separately again, I'm a little sad! I'm still more M biased, and I look forward to seeing them on Chinese programs. At the same time I'm now so used to seeing them as 12. Okay, that's enough EXO for now.

- I finally saw Frozen! It's so good, very…