My top 10 Kpop songs from 2013

I was curious to see which songs from this year I listened to most often and, according to my iPod, these were my top ten.

Henry – Trap
I am not at all surprised to see this is my most-listened to song. This song holds a lot of memories for me. The moment I heard he was releasing an album, I swore I would get it before I left Seoul. I bought the album the night before I left Korea, and I continuously replayed the MV on my laptop in my dorm room before that. His solo song from SJ-M’s “Perfection” album has been a long time favourite.

SunnyHill – Darling of all Hearts (써니힐 – 만인의 연인) 
I would say SunnyHill is my favourite girl group, but they have a male member. I love that they try unique and edgy concepts. Even their sweet songs are unique! This song was one of my summer jams this year, and it never fails to put me in a good mood ^^ 
Now that Janghyun is back, I can't wait to see what they will release next.

EXO – Growl/Wolf (엑소 – 으르렁/늑대와 미녀) 
I listened to “Wolf” more over the summer than I do now, but “Growl” continues to be a favourite. It’s just a really good song, and the dance is amazing. However, “Wolf” brings back memories of singing out the “사랑해요” part with my friends. I would randomly sing just that in my most annoying voice, and they would finish the line. By the way, I blame these same friends for getting me into all of EXO. I only had three EXO-M songs before. 

EXO-M – Don’t Go/Peter Pan 
Both songs are really pretty and sort of soothing. There was a time period I couldn’t listen to either of these songs without crying, but I’m past that and back to loving them. I actually own the Hug version of the XOXO album, I bought it when I was in Korea. I do now have the Korean versions of these too, but I still prefer the Chinese. 

VIXX – G.R.8.U (빅스 – 대.다.나.다.너) 
Just obsessed with this song. Still. I can’t explain why I love it so much, just that it’s addicting, makes me smile, and I love singing along to it. 

SunnyHill & Daybreak – Love Actually (써니힐 & 데이브레이크 – 들었다 놨다) 
Surprisingly, I didn’t know this song was SunnyHill at first! I would hear it all the time in cafes and like it. This song is super catchy, upbeat and (I think) adorable. Plus the MV is pretty funny. 

B1A4 – What’s Happening? (이게 무슨 일이야) 
Another one I ended up liking from hearing it around Seoul. This song is crazy, but again, addicting. The MV is just bizarre too, but that’s pretty common for B1A4.

K.Will – Love Blossom (케이윌 - 러브블러썸) 
I even got to see him perform this live at Konkuk! He is sort of perfect, isn’t he? Charming and an amazing singer!


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