Happy Christmas!!! (OotD)

I have a soft spot for Onew. He’s always been one of my favourite idols, despite SHINee not being a bias group. 

This is sort of a continuation of yesterday’s post on SHINee’s “Colorful” music video. I figured I would share my own outfit inspired by the video. 

I wore this on Sunday for a day trip to the city. I normally leave to visit my family as soon as classes end, but this time I had a few days to chill in NJ, so it was the perfect time to go into NYC for some Christmas-y fun! I was a bit sad it rained, but oh well, what can you do? It was freakishly warm too... ^^

One of my photo apps had a bunch of new holiday stuff...I couldn't resist!
On Me 
Sweater: bought in Hongdae
Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Pants: GAP

Bonus photo/preview: Even Penn Station was in good cheer, just look at that display. Rest of the photos will go up tomorrow!


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