Dramas: Heirs, Reply 1994, Prime Minister & I, You Who Came From the Stars

With the semester over, I finally have time again for me. I caught the flu during finals week, which was an interesting experience. I’m not so sure on how those grades will turn out. There is one nice thing about being sick though; no one says a thing if you stay holed up in bed watching dramatic television. 


If you remember, I was not thrilled with the first few episodes of Heirs. However, I stuck with it under the assumption it would improve once all the characters were in Seoul. It did, but mostly in the sense that I liked the other characters. I found Kim Tan and Eun-sang downright dull. The plots of the side characters were what kept me watching. That, and a healthy dose of excellent one-liners, but overall I would say this drama falls flat. 

Reply 1994 
I love the nostalgic factor of the Reply ‘90s dramas. Reply 1994 is a bit to copycat at times of 1997, but I love the characters. It took a couple episodes to get into this drama, but once I was hooked, I was hooked. I LOVE the appearances from the 1997 cast. Also loving that they acknowledged the dads look the same. I could not stop laughing when the two met. The only disappointment I have is that it seems like Na Jung and Trash are going to end up together. As I said before, this is simply because it is too predictable, and their relationship is extremely similar to Shi-won and Yoon-jae’s. 

Prime Minister & I 
This drama is really cute so far. The cast has great chemistry, and the characters are fun. As a journalism student, I love Da-Jung. I like when I can relate to the main character, which is definitely the case here. I can’t see myself ever working at a tabloid, but you have to admire her dedication. This drama is completely ridiculous, to be honest. That’s what makes it so enjoyable though. Also, how adorable is Man Se? 

You Who Came From the Stars
Definitely started watching this because of Kim Soohyun. There’s no point in denying it, and he is excellent so far. This is the sort of drama that, if all the episodes were available, I would marathon. Song-yi is a bit on the…slow…side, but at least she’s lively. If there was one thing I couldn’t stand about Cha Eun-sang, it was that she was a bit emotionless. With that said, I like the main characters. They are complete opposites. Also liking that although Min-joon is cold, he’s not a total jerk. 
One thing I love is that this drama has me thinking those useless thoughts that come with movies and TV dealing with time. Just think how much has changed in the 400 years he’s been on earth. He would have seen technology advance, but what I find more interesting is the changes he would have experienced in language. You would definitively know where those everyday sayings originated. 

What dramas are you watching right now? 
What are your thoughts on these four? 
“See” you tomorrow!


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