Kpop: Fiestar - I don't Know (피에스타 - 아무것도 몰랑요)

Fiestar is back after a long hiatus with the insanely catchy 아무것도 몰랑요 (I Don’t Know)! It is a departure from their previous powerful image to a cuter style, which has led to some debate amongst fans. 

LOEN’s Description (edited slightly for clarity by me): 
“The title song 'I don't know' has cute lyrics in which an innocent girl talks about her love. It also uses an 'oral tradition' that everyone has heard at least once, allowing people to easily sing along.” 

With that said, let’s jump into Fiestar’s 아무것도 몰랑요!
It is important to know that before this comeback LOEN split into two labels, LOEN Tree and Collabodadi. The later of which Fiestar is now under. Collabodadi’s main producer is Sinsadong Tiger, whom you might know from his work with groups such as B2ST and T-ara. A version of his discography can be found here

Like many of Sinsadong Tiger’s songs (think Bo Peep Bo Peep or Roly-Poly), this one is extremely catchy. Once you hear it, there is a high chance it will keep replaying in your head. I like the use of the melody of three bears song (곰세마리). It’s the part I most find myself singing.  

The lyrics for this song are…interesting, and a large source of debate amongst fans in the comments. Essentially, the song is about a girl who is nervous about her first time with her more-experienced boyfriend. My first impression was that the girl in the song is dumb a bit clueless. Are all dates supposed to be late at night at his house? Girl, please, I think you know the answer. 

This video is full of innuendos (hello there, Pinocchio). It’s that aspect of this MV that makes me skeptical that this song is a simple one about a clueless girl. Jei has total control in the scenes with the boy. As is animated in the video game scene. 

She rejects him at the end, which further goes to show that this might not be the usual girl group take on cute. The dance isn’t overly sexy either. There are many girl groups out there doing these sexy-cute concepts, but Fiestar stands out a little differently. I think it’s in the little details of the video that they maintain their stronger image from prior videos. I would also like to add that all of the members are adults with four out of six in the mid-twenties range. 

All the lyrics and video talk aside, these girls are talented and unique. And although the video has some parts I don’t care for (like the toy land set for the dance scenes), it’s still fun. The song isn't serious and not meant to be taken so, it's cute and pokes fun at the stereotypical clueless, innocent girl-group concept. Also, the other song on this mini is worth a listen, it showcases their vocals nicely. And if you like Fiestar, find more in this post on We Don’t Stop

So, what did you think of Fiestar’s I Don’t Know? 
Is she clueless or not so much?


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