Dramas: What I like and don't about Reply 1994 (응답하라1994)

My initial feelings on the idea of Reply to 1994 (응답하라1994) were mixed. On one hand, I LOVED Reply to 1997 and still view it as one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. On the other, sequels tend to be terrible. Just look at Dream High 2. 

However, feeling optimistic, I decided to give it a chance. After four episodes, I have to say it’s not necessarily bad, but they missed the mark in a few spots. So, much like the previous post for Heirs (상속자들), here are four things I like and four things I don’t.

Let's start with one thing I love: 
Roy Kim’s acoustic OST, “Seoul Here” I’m listening to it as I write this post. 

What I like: 
  1. The way it’s filmed and the colours. The way the past is portrayed is really charming thanks to the filters used. This drama just has a nostalgic vibe about that makes it great. 
  2. Even though I’m watching it as someone who went to Seoul nine years after the characters, I can relate. The initial scene with Sam Chun Po reminded me so strongly of my experience during our metro challenge. I was also alone and had no idea how it worked. But, we both made it in the end. 
  3. The crazy group living in the boarding house. The extended cast for this drama features a number of quirky, hilarious characters. I love them. 
  4. College life. I feel like I rarely see college life portrayed in dramas, so I like it. It sort of gives a feel for what college is like in Korea (if a bit outdated). 
What I don’t: 
  1. It’s too direct a copy of 1997. I do think this was an easy drama to turn into a series. However, they should have changed several elements. For example, we are once again waiting to find out who the main character’s husband is. 
  2. The main pair, or what seems to be the main pair. I’m secretly hoping Na Jung and “Trash” don’t end up together because it’s so similar to Shi Won and Yoon Jae. Also, their relationship was too confusing in the beginning. I am sure many of us thought they were actually siblings at first.
  3. Na Jung. She just kind of bothers me. Once again, she’s like a copy of Shi Won, but lacks some of Shi Won’s charms. 
  4. I hesitate to say this last one because I have a love/hate feeling about it. The exact same actors from 1997 play the parents. I think they are awesome at both roles, but it’s weird. The actors even maintain their names for both. It’s basically an alternative universe for them.
Are you watching Reply 1994? What are your thoughts?


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