Kpop: VIXX & OKDAL - Girls, Why? (빅스 & 옥상달빛 - 여자는 왜?)

I do believe this is the first time one of my 'bias' groups has made it into a Kpop post here. If you follow me on tumblr, you will know that VIXX and EXO take that label. "대.다.나.다.너" (G.R.8.U) has been my jam since it came out. I am obsessed with that song, if you haven't heard it, you check it out ^^

VIXX recently collaborated with OKDAL to release the song and video "Girls, Why?" 
...And is it ever wonderful. This video is adorable, bright and quirky, just my style!

Look how perfectly styled they are? I love how the casual styles are not coordinated to match, in fact they seem to reflect the style of the individual members. However, they are still cohesive when you see them together.
OKDAL's style is very laid-back and a bit tomboy. A quick search shows that this tends to be their look. I like it, it's different than what you would normally see. In a video like this a girl idol group, for example, would wear the cutest outfits and miniskirts. I think OKDAL's style suits the quirkiness of the video better. Just my thoughts.

According to Jellyfish Ent.'s video description (edited slightly here by me):
The song "Girls, why?" is about a love between a boy and a girl. The lyrics describe that love in a realistic way! OKDAL member Yoon Ju Gim wrote the lyrics and VIXX member Ravi wrote the rap part! As a result, the lyrics describe how a boy and a girl, who have two different perspectives, see the same direction in different and unique ways.

 You know we've all done this. Whether you were the one making the call or the friend offering support by listening in.

The 'split screen' of the two rooms is cute because you can see what both sides are up to during the phone conversation. VIXX tends to be really playful, I mean look, N just stole the phone right out of Ken's hand.

There's a moment I love right after that paper ball hits N's head, when he looks at Leo. Leo's denial is really cute.

Not a split screen after all, but a single set. Leo crosses over first. What is Hyuk doing with that shark toy though? Shouldn't he care about the fact that his friend just leaned over and left the room?

Now everyone is crossing over, except Ken. He learns you can't cross near the front. He's actually kind of hilarious in this video. Similar to how he is if you watch VIXXTV or VIXX Diary.

Everybody looking cute. By the way after this song, I think I need to check out more by OKDAL. Any suggestions?

Ravi's rap is when the scene starts to change in this MV. I think it's cute how people dressed head-to-toe in bodysuits of the background set the scene. It reminds me a bit of Roy Kim's "봄봄봄."

Ken's all smiley and laughing, his reaction is sort of cute and playful. Leo is more violent, kicking and swatting them off. 

So precious, is there anything more nerve-wracking though? Confessing to someone is hard. I like the background dude giving him flowers and confidence. A bit odd, but cute. I suppose that description could be used to briefly sum up this whole video.

And we end with this scene. Everyone looks incredibly good here. The styling is less casual and everyone is pretty relaxed, despite posing. I have to say Hyuk's jacket is awesome, the pattern is cool. If this was Shinee, he'd be wearing matching pants to that.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the video here:

What are your thoughts on VIXX/OKDAL's "Girls, Why?"


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