Kpop playlist: Spica, Block B, Seo In Young, Infinite, FTISLAND

This past week I’ve been obsessed with the recent releases from the above groups. It’s pretty rare I listen to the same few over and over. I usually create incredibly long playlists and skip around them.

Off topic for a moment: I love this guy’s series on allkpop. His writing is quite clever. If it weren’t stealing, I would totally recreate it my way for a once-a-week post, fangirl style (I’d say noona, but I’m younger than Taeyeon).

Anyway, onto my playlist ^^

Spica 스피카 - Tonight & I’ll be There

How did I ignore them until now? These ladies are awesome! Not only can they sing amazingly, they have Lee Hyori as a mentor. Also, I saw them on a couple variety shows and they seem like a really cool group. The video is fun and chill, and the styling is spot on too.
I’m adding “I’ll be There” because it was played on “Weekly Idol” during the random dance and is extremely catchy. I keep finding myself singing it.

Block B 블락비 – Very Good & Be the Light 빛이 되어줘

One of my friends loves Block B, and prior to meeting her I didn’t pay much attention to them. I knew about their controversy, but not their music. “Very Good” is my new I’m the best/f-the-world song. The video is insane and impossible not to love.
Be the Light” is just good, it really showcases the vocalists in the group. I mostly thought of them as rap, so it’s refreshing.
“Very Good” also earned them their first music show win!

Seo In Young 서인영 - Love Me 나를 사랑해줘 (ft. Gaeko 개코)

The music video is forgettable, but the song is catchy and is quickly on its way to joining “Anymore” as a favourite. I’ve also been listening to her song “I Want You Back” quite a bit. A friend gave that one to me.

Infinite - “Request”

Infinite is one of those groups that I know and like, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of (but then again, SungGyu…). They definitely have a distinct sound, which I like. This video is part cute, part cool, part fun (and 100 percent promotional). I love how relaxed the guys seem. Normally, they have crazy-complicated dances.
Side note: when is iTunes going to let me buy “Destiny”?

FTISLAND - “Memory”

LOVE FTISLAND. LOVE this song. LOVE the video. Yepp, that pretty much sums it up.

 What song(s) are you currently loving?


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