Dramas: Thoughts on Heirs so far

Heirs is probably the most hyped-up dramas out there right now. I’ve now watched all four episodes that aired and I’m still torn on whether I want to continue. My thinking is that I should give one more episode a chance. The characters are all in Korea now, which means they can all interact and the story should start moving.

Four things I like: 
  1. VIXX/Heechul cameos from episode four - that whole part was just fun to watch.
  2. The soundtrack – Hongki and Ken of VIXX both have awesome OSTs for this drama. Ken’s English is a tiny bit awkward, but his vocals make up for it (and that’s all that matters, right?). Hongki’s OST reminds me of his songs back around the time he was in “You’re Beautiful.”  
  3. The cast – this drama received a lot of hype for a reason. The main cast is a strong mix of actor-dols and popular actors. Lee Min Ho impressed me in the California scenes. I’ve seen many times where they can speak English, but lack the proper emotional portrayal. He was able to do both well.  
  4. The main guy isn’t a totally out-of-touch-with-the-world jerk. He’s actually pretty nice so far and doesn’t go around expecting the world to bend to his money. He seems to have a brain, which is a huge plus. I hope that doesn’t change now that he’s back in Seoul. 
Four things I don’t: 
  1. They’re in high school? I don’t buy it, not only is the entire cast out of high school, they look it. I wish they’d gone for a college angle.  
  2. Quick moving – I’m sorry, but they barely know each other and already are falling for each other? She stayed at his house, a total stranger's house in a foreign country. Basically, looking at the top two, I just find the drama unbelievable at the moment.
  3. Nasty fiancée – this character just bugs me. Surprisingly the parents don’t, I say it because normally they are just as annoying as the other girl.  
  4. Some serious cliché – this drama, in four episodes, has already taken just about every cliché thing about Korean dramas. He’s rich/she’s poor. She’s had to move into his house. He’s even appeared shirtless in the shower. 
Are you watching Heirs? 
What do you think so far?


  1. I think the main thing that bothered me in this drama was the awful awful stereotypes of Americans. Like the friend who was always drunk and partying? That moment when he wondered if the girl had a gun? I dunno but that stuff really put me off and i stopped watching halfway through the second episode. Lol but if they are back in Korea now then I probably won't be as bothered.


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