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Just a few things I've read, watched, etc recently.

This is perfection. Thank you Running Man.

I'm totally hooked on 주군의 태양  (Master's Sun) and seeing the 19.3% viewership for the most recent, I'm clearly not the only one. Definitely a fan of the Hong Sisters' dramas. Of course it has your usual drama cliches, but the stories of the ghosts keep it interesting and unique. 

FT Island has reached six years since debut and will be making a Korean comeback. I hear Hongki composed a song. 버스커버스커 Busker Busker have also announced a comeback for later this month and I am ridiculously excited. Lastly, anytime I see JYJ mentioned I have to click. They are releasing "Only One" for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

A few articles of interest:

Upcoming family reunions between South and North Korea has been getting attention recently for being the first in three years. 100 will be chosen from each side for the upcoming reunion.
"For any of the 100 elderly finalists to be picked Monday, the upcoming reunions may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." (Korea Herald 60 years' longing to reunite)

For those interested in Korean entertainment, here's one regarding the Ilbe controversy. I haven't followed it closely, but this does a good job of clearing up any confusion on the matter. I definitely remember Hyosung's (Secret) scandal with the word 'democratization' and her images being taken down. Now Crayon Pop and a few others are under the radar.

The Korea Times has one about 'male-free' zones. I can see where in some situations a women-only area might make sense (like a study lounge). Pink parking spaces? Simply being female has yet to require me to park closer.

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