Kpop: 시크릿 - 유후 (Secret - Yoohoo)

Secret released their latest on April 29 with the title track "Yoohoo" and its accompanying music video. The convience store in my building has been playing it constantly over the past month. The fact that I am not sick of it is a testament to how much I love this song. I hear it quite a bit around Seoul too ^^;

Click to read/see more on Secret's adorable, perfect-for-summer music video for "Yoohoo"

In contrast to their last two singles, which were dark and serious, this song and video are bright and playful. It really shows Secret's versatility as a group that they can pull off so many different concepts.

 My only thought is that as a four-member group they must get compared to Sistar. After all, Sistar had a similar transition last year. They went from the darker more serious "Alone" to the fun, playful "Lovin' you"

I absolutely love their fashion in this opening scene. It is very wearable. I would love to own Sunhwa's dress, as a matter of fact.

I would really like to see what it is that they see. I don't get what causes their ship to crash. It obviously was not a storm.

Of course the most important thing when you get shipwrecked is your appearance. These scenes make me think of Gilligan's Island. Hyosung's outfit makes her a perfect candidate for Mary Ann. Sunhwa's hair turns her into Ginger. The others? I'm not sure!

Can only explore the jungle after you change. Sunhwa's dress is right on trend with lace and neon. Once again, I would totally wear it.

The makeup in their individual singing shots is really fun. Lots of baby pink and glitter, it's a cute look without being over the top. Without the gems it would be perfectly wearable for a summer day!

I love this shot. It's gorgeous.

This scene is very Secret in my opinion. It strongly reminds me of "Starlight, Moonlight"

I love the girls' expressions throughout this music video. Kpop is usually so serious and girl groups either try super hard to look sexy or adorable. In most of this video Secret is making silly faces. Only during the dance scenes or individual singing shots do we have some 애교 (aegyo) to cringe over.

Do you recognize the dance moves? It's those of "Love is a Move" 

The dance for this song is adorable and a bit simple.

Jieun has an awesome "model" face for some reason in these.

This scene makes me laugh so much. So, they aren't on a deserted island. Their attempts to hitchhike ride are just so funny, especially Hyosung.


What do you think of Secret's Yoohoo?
Be sure to check out the MV here.
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