Kpop: 로이킴 - 봄봄봄 (Roy Kim - Spring Spring Spring)

Spring has come at last to Seoul and I have been enjoying every moment of it, minus the past two days of rain. I realized today that once again I've posted nothing to do with kpop for a while, despite being surrounded by it. I've even had a few close encounters with a couple idols (curious? ㅋㅋㅋ).

Anyway, I heard Roy Kim's 봄봄봄 playing in a couple stores today and thought it was the perfect song. 봄 (bom) means Spring in Korean. The word is used in a pretty clever way for this song, I like it! If you enjoy catchy songs that make you smile and cute music videos, Roy Kim's 봄봄봄 is perfect for you! So, let's take a look ^.^
This is one of those music videos where a simple set works perfectly. I don't this shot makes me think of Greece (as you see it in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies).

The people in the background of this video aren't dancers (well, maybe they are in others). They set and change the scenery behind Roy Kim.

Such a clear shot of the man on the left. Although I think it would be cool to see this MV shot outside, the quirky set matches the quirkiness of the song better.

I love how they set up his little stroll. The guys in the front moving past as plants, clouds, and cars. The background turning, it's cute.

Any song with whistling is cheerful, eh? ^.~

I love the way he is styled for this scene and the set is just really nice. I would love to have a porch like that... just sayin'

Time to pack up winter...

And replace it with spring.

The only other video I can think of where I payed just as much attention to the back-up people is Gain's Bloom. I loved the dancers in that video, but in this one I find these guys kinda funny. 

This scene is cute, I like how the one guy now has sunnies. I love how they didn't even try to make the set look real, it's like a fairytale book.

Cherry blossoms are amazing in Korea in the spring. 건대 is right near the Seoul Children's Grand Park and they were just beautiful there. Actually, even on campus we had some beautiful trees bloom a week or so after.

What do you think of Roy Kim's 봄봄봄? 
Be sure to check out the music video here 


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