Kpop: Davichi - Turtle (다비치 - 거북이)

It's been so long since I posted anything about kpop! This week's post features 다비치 Davichi's new video/title song 'Turtle' (거북이) from their 2nd album. I hear this song playing quite a bit in clothing stores when I'm walking around. I sort of recognized it to be them because it reminds me a bit of 'Don't Say Goodbye' (안녕이라고 말하지마). Which has been a favourite of mine since it's 2011 release.

The video has an Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, fairytale feel to it with lots of vintage props. Just my style! The lyrics for this song are also beautiful...

 This music box is featured throughout the music video, along with the man holding it, a white rabbit, a pocket watch, and an hourglass.

She's like a doll on her empty stage...

Even her hair and makeup are styled to give her an innocent doll-like look.

She crawls through these ornate pink tunnels to new areas. I love how they look like giant flowers when you see them from entrance or exit. I think the gloves and fit-and-flare dress with the polka-dot stockings really add to the doll effect. The dress seems sheer at the bottom, almost a ballet tutu effect.

I am in love with this coat.

See this is why I am reminded of Alice, she follows a white rabbit...

We always see him in side view, leaving just as she arrives. It's almost as if he is the white rabbit... he also makes me think of the Mad Hatter (probably the hat :P )

Unbirthday party anyone?
Throughout this entire music video there is a sense that her adventure is timed. She constantly checks this pocket watch. When she sees it she becomes less happy, her expression changes to be almost melancholy.

Random side note: I love lantern lights, I think they give such a pretty glow.

I found this part so interesting, she's back on the 'stage' only this time surrounded by pieces of everywhere she has been.

We also now see him placing items into the locations we saw him leaving earlier. It's as if he constructed this whole world for her. 

I can't tell if the music box, rabbit, and man have different seats in this final scene. Or if he is all three... I wonder...

Do not like this dress, well no that's not true. I dislike the turtleneck paired with it. I think it keeps the innocent image, but clashes with the dress' style.

The hour glass says time's up...

And she freezes once more as she walks towards him. I can't help but wonder if much like he constructed this world for her, did he create her somehow? This doll that comes to life?

Be sure to check out the video here

What did you think of Davichi's Turtle MV? 
Were you reminded of fairy tales too?


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