Kpop Fridays: Rainbow - Tell Me Tell Me

Seven-member girl group Rainbow made their comeback this week with title song "Tell Me Tell Me." This is their first release as full group since 2011. Their latest is a cute pop song with a catchy beat and chorus. I have to say the song is the complete opposite than what the initial rap teaser hinted at. It contrasts with their past songs as well, making it somewhat unexpected.
Be sure to check out the video here.

Girl groups in Kpop seem to go towards one of two distinct styles to go for; sexy or cutesy. Until they switch and try the other. Prior to now I really only new Rainbow for the song To Me. A quick look through their past videos shows that their concept is usually sexy (minus the subunit video). So, they decided to switch and try a cutesy video. Normally we see the reverse, as the members get older they "mature" by leaving cute behind and trying sexy. I'm not sure what DSP is thinking with this.

I'm not a fan of this song. It's cute, but a bit plain. Nothing stands out about it to set it apart from the crowd of cute girl group songs. Rookies release them almost every week (kidding...kinda). The music video is pretty though. With a fun set and sweet fashion.

I love the fact the background buildings are sketches. It almost feels like they are living in an anime or manga. Yet all the props are real. The clock on the right is awesome, with only the face being real. (Also pink hair alert, I really wish my hair was pink...)

These outfits seem out of date to me. They strongly remind me of older Kpop girl group styles. Including Gee. The tops are quite unflattering too. However, the makeup and hair styling here are excellent.

The dance for this song is an odd mixture of cute and sexy. Once again my main feeling is that it is forgettable. The girls of Rainbow are talented dancers and singers, but this song fails to highlight it. I can see why there are comments from people who think this is their debut song. It looks exactly like one.

Cooking and 애교 will always go hand-in-hand, Super Junior is proof.

Woori's pixie cut is awesome, I wish she had a song to be more fierce (like she was in the teaser!). She's one of the girls that seems maybe a tad awkward with the concept.

This is the most bizarre hairstyle I've seen in a while, which is why it is here. I'm still trying to work out how they did it. Is it just a piece clipped on? Or have somehow gotten part of the end of her hair to sit like that? Either way, poor Jaekyung.

These outfits I actually like. I think the shirts act a bit like skirts would in the dance moves. Mostly I like the simplicity of them and they aren't anywhere near as unflattering as the other jeans-and-white-top look.

I like the skater skirts with the collared top, it's a casual-pretty type of look. But, why does she have two red purses? I know it's hard to choose sometimes, but still...

This jacket is amazing, Jaekyung looks so stylish. Also love that it isn't another ultra-girly one. With the slick ponytail, shorts, and clutch she looks chic.

Rainbow St. is certainly cute. I like that purple bag, I'd wear it (to end on a totally random note).

What did you think of Rainbow's Tell Me Tell Me? 
Cute, but plain? Or new and fresh?


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