Kpop Fridays: 2YOON - 24/7

This week's video is 2YOON of 4minute with '24/7'. Sub-units are a definite trend in Kpop groups these days with Orange Caramel of After School, TaeTiSeo of Girls' Generation, and Sistart19 of Sistar. Of course there is also Infinite H whose video I featured here a couple weeks ago. Sub-units are a great way for members to get a bit more of the spotlight and show off a different style from their groups usual.

L-R: Jiyoon, Gayoon
2YOON is made up of the 4minutes vocalists Jiyoon and Gayoon. The song is fun with a country twist (there's even a banjo!) and has an equally fun cowboy saloon/ranch/town video. You can check it out here.

Even though the set could come off as a bit gimmicky or tacky, I actually kind of like it. It's cute. I actually do like country music and always love fun songs that make me want to get up and dance. A funny video is an extra bonus. So, it was fun to hear a Kpop take on country-pop.

Although the fashion in this video is undeniably odd, I love it. The mix of prints and pieces are interesting without going over the top. While Jiyoon mostly wears pants for the video, Gayoon usually has a skirt or dress. Sometimes worn over pants, which is not an easy style to pull off.

I tend to pull out one sort of vintage item in these posts and boom boxes are kind of, right? I found it funny to see a cassette playing one in this video.

The first thing I read about this song was that it was reminiscent of Miley Cyrus' Hoedown Throwdown. Not the best impression to go into listening to a song. It is similar; especially the "boom clap boom boom clap" parts and the beat are similar. However, the singing is far better and the song is less country sounding. 

This guy is my favourite in the whole video. His actions are just so exaggerated.

I wish I could have seen their outfits better here. They look awesome. Although brief, I really like the campfire scene.

I missed this sign until I was editing the photo, the English is just too unique not to mention.
"Riders will be hugged
Final winger will
Be hugged again!"

Gayoon has amazing hairstyles in this video with lots of different styles of braids. Her makeup is very natural, but I love the orange lips.

Much like Gayoon, Jiyoon's makeup is on the natural side as well. I like the way her nails were painted with the bright yellow on one hand and the pastel on the other. I might have to try that someday.

This is where the video gets really strange. What is with his hair? Also her dart hit this guy's hat...

Then there are these four who don't at all match anything else in the video. Why are they so trendy and modern suited in an old west place? No one else is.

The dance is so fun for this song; you can't help but want to join in while watching it. It's high-energy and seems mostly uncomplicated; just pure fun.

Just more fun old west type scenes. I just really like the styling in this video. It isn't too western, it's more modern and wearable. Some of the people only have a hat to distinguish it as such.
I've never been a fan of major lens glares in music videos, yet they are extremely popular in Kpop videos. The in-and-out blur effect is not particularly cool and is somewhat annoying.

This final shot of the ranch is cute. Everyone has his or her own pose. I spot some aegyo, a couple divas, even some "hip-hop style" ones.

The video ends with a scene of the girls in their apartments receiving the invite to Dream Village. While I think this scene could have easily been placed at the start, I like that it was at the end.

What do you think of 2YOON's 24/7? 
If you have a suggestion for next Friday's video let me know! :)


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