Random and note on Kpop post

This week's "Kpop Fridays" post will be up Saturday this week (I guess technically later today depending on when you read this...confusing). I've been busy getting everything ready to apply for my student visa for Korea. Only 37/6 days to go! It's so close now, I still seem to be having trouble grasping that I am going. Studying abroad has been a long time plan of mine, so it doesn't feel 'real' yet. Probably won't until I get to the airport or even arrive?

Other than that I'm actually off to my family's home in Pennsylvania for the weekend. I'll look for something interesting to feature here, but it's off-season in the area. Lovely in the spring/summer/autumn, a bit (very) dull in the winter. Kinda hoping for snow though.

Anyway, I think it will be the first post featuring a boy group. Here's a preview/hint for now: it's a good song by a sub-unit with a surprisingly funny video. 
Any guesses? :)


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