Kpop Fridays: January Playlist

This month's playlist features new songs and videos from CNBLUE, Kim Sori, B.A.P, and Pascol. January saw a lot of new releases and it was hard to narrow down the four to put into this playlist. This month's is a good mix of rookie, veteran and popular singers with a bit of variety in genre too.

(L-R) Top: CNBLUE, B.A.P. Bottom: Kim Sori, Pascol.
As usual the playlist is four videos that were released during the month that did not get their own post here, but caught my attention. Enjoy!

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry

CNBLUE is a personal favourite, I have yet to be disappointed in their songs. I tend to be more casual when it comes to music, if I like a song I like it. I don't need to know everything about the singer. I'm getting sidetracked, my point was that CNBLUE is one of the few groups/singers I am a steady fan of. The fact that the members often write the songs gives them a distinct sound, which I like. The video for "I'm Sorry" reminds me strongly of their one for "Intuition" except that it's in London, not Seoul. I think it's the rooftop scenes, both videos have them and both have amazing views of their respective cities. I feel I should mention that "Intuition" is another favourite and while the videos have some similarities, they are not the same. Anyway, it's a very cool video and a great song.

Kim Sori / 김소리 - Dual Life

I love the disco sound. This song is just fun to listen to with a great beat to dance to. The video is quite sexy, did you see those stretches at the beginning? I am almost jealous, I most certainly cannot do the splits. Aside from the stretches, the dancing is mostly unimpressive, sort of sexy posing with the most simple being a bounce while pointing at the ceiling during the chorus. The costumes are mostly sexy club-scene type. Suits the song and the video.

B.A.P - Rain Sound / 비서리

I know someone that loves B.A.P, but I'm neither here nor there on them. They have certainly proved they are a versatile group. Some of their songs are powerful, others playful and this one has more of an R&B ballad sound to it. One thing they seem consistent on is interesting looking videos. I love the video for "Stop It" because it makes me laugh. This one is mesmerizing to watch, though I can't determine if that's good or bad. Lots of slow motion and drama. I'm torn in my opinion of this song and video.

Pascol / 파스칼 - Let's Eat Together Sometime / 밥 한번 먹어요

This is Pascol's debut song, they are a new female vocal trio. The song is beautiful to listen to. The video is not high-budget, but it is sweet and sad. A video does not have to have a large budget to be good. This one tells its story quietly, which almost gives it more impact. The video reminds me a bit of Kim Jong Guk's "Men are all Like That" or Lee Seung Gi's "Return" in a way. Be sure to give the song a listen, especially if you enjoy ballads.

To re-cap the videos that had their own post this month were:
Girls' Generation / 소녀시대 - I Got a Boy
Infinite H (feat. Bumkey) - Special Girl
All past Kpop Friday posts can be viewed by clicking on the "Kpop" tag under the header image.

What was your favourite video released in January?
If you have a video suggestion for next week, let me know! 


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