Kpop Fridays: Infinite H (feat. Bumkey) - Special Girl

This week’s video breakdown features Infinite H’s “Special Girl” which was released on Jan 10.
The video is unlike the group’s videos or Sungkyu’s. Sungkyu had a rock ballad with a dramatic video. Infinite as a whole is known for their complicated dance routines. Be sure to check out the music video here and keep reading to see more :)

The music video has a dramatic start with Hoya in a James Bond-esque scene. And then the villain opens his mouth and his teeth glint gold. From that moment you know this video is going to be fun.

Guns are sort of trendy in Kpop MVs, but they are clearly not meant to be real in this MV. Neither are they just posing with them though. Whether the video gets an age rating on it (or has it by now?) for them…

The video constantly changes between an imagined scene and reality. In this particular scene the contrast is most clear due to the grey tones changing to just normal colours.

I like the music video (could be a movie/drama) filming within a MV.

It seems like she is dressing him, but based on the rest of the video it is more likely that he is imagining what she would choose for him to wear from his wardrobe.

I mentioned previously in my post on Secret’s “Talk That” I love vintage looking items. But this phone seems so out of place. It looked far more at home with Hyosung in “Talk That.”

I quickly scrolled down to the comments on YouTube and it seems not many people realize that Hoya and Dongwoo do not sing the chorus. That is where Bumkey of 2wins is featured.

The man with the box head is Primary, that image appears in the MVs for all of his songs. (He composed, arranged, and cowrote the lyrics.)

This scene is cringe-worthy. The “gangster” act looks out of place with the video and song. This is not hard-core, tough guy rapping. It just doesn’t fit.

Even though it is the same odd set as Hoya’s MV, I like the colours used for Dongwoo’s set with the bright papers and flowers. His hair is amazing too. And who doesn’t look forward to the end of the work/school week?

I find it boring when all the members of a group chase after or date the same girl. This one approaches it differently; she clearly does not know them that well. Hoya and Dongwoo, not reality, imagine the intimate couple-like scenes.

This is another part that amused me. This line of men, she is clearly admired by many. Dongwoo’s scenes are more humorous than Hoya’s. Such as this scene of him pushing the line of men out of the way to be first. (Only to turn around and leave.) Dong woo certainly stands out amongst them.

His hair in this MV is amazing; most people around me know that if I weren’t terrified of bleaching my hair I would dye it pink.

The dance is very fluid to match perfectly to the song's smooth chorus.

One of my favorite scenes is when the season changes as Hoya names them out. The guys are dressed very differently in this video. Hoya has more of a chic style to Dongwoo’s sometimes outrages clothes. There are no horrendous ones. The spring outfits are amongst my favorites.

This is where we learn the truth for Dongwoo…

…And Hoya.

Do you like Infinite H’s “Special Girl?” Would you dye your hair pink?
If you have a suggestion for what MV should be featured next, let me know!


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