Kpop Fridays: Girls' Generation / 소녀시대 - I Got a Boy

Kpop Fridays are back!  And for the first of 2013 this post features one of (if not, the most) talked about music video of the year so far. Girls’ Generation’s (소녀시대/SNSD) “I Gota Boy.”

If you are new to the blog, welcome! Kpop Friday posts are a breakdown/review of a music video.  For the last Friday of the month I feature a playlist of four songs not featured that I heard and liked for the month. I try to keep the video featured time sensitive. However, I am more than willing to take suggestions if there is a video you think should be featured. Just comment or email it to me :)

The video and song deviate from SNSD’s usual styles in a very noticeable way. The video is filled with bright colours, crazy outfits, and fun make-up. The song falls into one of three categories you either love it, hate it or both. The song can play like a few thrown together into one. It’s possible to love one part and feel the opposite about the next.

The video starts off with an introduction featuring the girls’ talking and hanging out in a hot pink room while “elevator music” plays. Side note: I want that wallpaper.

The others all seem to be having fun, but Jessica is taking the role of advertiser for their perfume ;) SM is genius at advertising in music videos (Everysing? Genie?)

This guy is the only guy that appears in the music video, but you never see his face. He also dates all the girls who seem to live together…something does not quite match up there.

Hyoyeon’s dress from Lazy Oaf is my favourite in this scene; it looks amazing on her and matches the set. Also appreciate that her outfit is something I could see a person wearing outside of a MV. Some of these outfits are a bit out there.

“Shh! Quiet!” Shock and surprise!

The best English I have ever seen in an SM video. I’m joking, sort of, either way it’s all in good fun!

“Who is it?” Sunny has the most daring hair for this comeback. Even within the video it goes from this pink/blonde mix to teal. Although the cut is less-than-flattering the colours are fun.

Sooyoung and Yuri are decent at kind of rapping during this opening scene for the song. They definitely have the attitude down (especially Yuri).

Yuri’s outfit here suits her and the video so well. The pop of teal from the crop top (or sports bra?) off sets the rest of her outfit well and matches the extensions in her hair. Seohyun’s outfit takes worst with weird pigtails, unflattering striped pants and yellow leg warmers. The oversized jacket makes the large patterns too busy. Sooyoung’s bleached denim jumpsuit is second to Seohyun. It’s 80s retro in the worst way.

An American flag and a woman’s face? This outfit is nonsense, but the braid is nice with the pink strands woven through it is pretty. 

Sunny looks cute in this scene in short shorts and a comfortable oversized sweater. How many boyfriends allow you to paint their nails hot pink?

Ah the 1:40 mark. This is where the song takes its first dramatic change.  It sounds like an entirely different song in every way. The beat can be a bit obnoxious with that high pitched sound. For me this is the part of the song I do not like, it goes back to this beat later when Jessica announces to take it back to said time stamp.
Yuri’s style in her date scene is perfection.

 Sooyoung's date scene.

The rap battle between Hyoyeon, Yoona, Yuri is cool and showcases both Yuri and Hyoyeon’s talents.

Tiffany's date scene (awkward ice cream eating)

The video and song changes again. This time it’s clones of Daphne from Scooby Doo. I can’t be the only one thinking this, right? Right?

The remaining dates with Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Jessica for our mystery man.
The dance in this MV is fierce, but doesn’t suit everyone. The member’s that shine the most in this video are Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Taeyeon. The style just seems to suit them and whoever the costume designer is picked outfits that looked as though these members.

The make-up is gorgeous for a lot of this video and the girls all have interesting hair. The most natural hair is Yuri’s dark brown, which contrasts the mix of red-browns and bright colours of the other members. Lots of pink lips, eyeliner, and sparkles for the make-up.

What was your favourite part of the music video for "I Got a Boy"?
Did you like the song? 
Let me know if you have a suggestion for next week's video :)


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