Kpop Fridays: 시크릿 / Secret - Talk That

Hyosung, Jieun, Zinger, and Sunhwa of girl group, Secret released their latest music video "Talk That" on Dec 3. Secret is a favourite for their vintage-style videos and catchy music. Their new single is no exception, with gorgeous sets reminiscent of their “Starlight, Moonlight” video. Though this one is darker and not cutesy at all.

Be sure to check out the music video here.  

The dance for this song is quite interesting; I always enjoy dances where the dancers are not left to the background behind the group or singer. Seems to be a trend recently, both Gain in “Bloom” and TVXQ in “Catch Me” utilized the dancers as more than background.

  I love Sunhwa’s hair for this comeback. The colour is pretty and the way her fringe is shaped suits her.

  Quite a contrast, in Jieun’s memory she was looking happily into the mirror, but not so anymore.

 I like the leaves everywhere. They add kind of a chilling effect, its quite beautiful. Side note, that silver/grey dress is a bit unflattering.

  The dance for this is so precise to the music. These are my favourite of the dance outfits. I love the corset detailing and lace.

 Such a gorgeous background set in this video.

You can tell this is in Zinger’s memory because she is smiling. You’ll see what happens to those letters in a bit.

Hyosung’s memory… is it weird that I wish I could decorate my room like this?

  Hyosung spends a good portion of this video in the bathtub, fully clothed. Probably, so that the video doesn’t get banned…but why use the tub at all then?

I hate this dress, what were they thinking? It doesn’t even fit with the styling of the rest of the video.

  Burning those letters. I find the paintings placed behind her an interesting touch. 

 To cross or not to cross? Side note, I've heard a lot of interesting stories about crosswalks in Seoul... are they really that dangerous? I guess I shall find out!

  I really like this outfit; it is something I would wear. I like her hair for this comeback too.

  As I said I love the vintage feel to the set in this video, these are just a few of the details.

  The individual shots of the girls in these gold outfits could have been left out. In some I thought they just looked awkward.

What do you think of Secret’s “Talk That?”  If you were already a fan, what is your favourite video of theirs?


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