Kpop Fridays: December Playlist

It's the last Friday of December already! Which is also, of course, the last Friday of 2012. There were really only three songs from this month to feature in this post. So, I added a personal favourite from this year as the fourth.

December seems a bit slower for music releases and a great number of the Kpop songs that came out this month were Christmas-y ones. I'm not the biggest fan, but there's usually one or two I do like. Anyway, this isn't a post about my opinion of Christmas music! :)

This month's songs are:
Sunny Hill - Goodbye to Romance
Lee Seung Gi - Invite
Orange Caramel (ft. NU'EST) - Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels

And since it is the last Friday of 2012:
BoA - The Shadow

Sunny Hill / 써니힐 - Goodbye to Romance
Music video released Dec 13

Sunny Hill's latest single is a return to the sweeter side of their earlier music. In the past year the group has released three darker songs with poignant messages to them. This song is highlights the groups vocals and has an adorable video. Also as is probably noticeable from past posts, I love vintage-styled videos. So charming!

Lee Seung Gi - Invite / 이승기 - 나에게 초대
Music video released Dec 16

Lee Seung Gi released two music videos this month, this one for "Invite" and one for "Forest"
"Invite" is a sweet, relaxing song to listen to. The video is cute, nothing particularly interesting, mostly scenes of Seung Gi relaxing, meeting fans, etc. He is excellently styled and the scenery is gorgeous.
The video for "Forest" (숲) continues to the future story from the video for "Return"

Orange Caramel (ft. NU'EST) - Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels / 희눈 사이로 하이힐 타고 
Music Video released Dec 12

Christmas music is still ok until New Year's Eve, right? :) Anyway, Orange Caramel is known for their quirky songs, videos, and style. Although this video is not really quirky at all. It seems to be a photo shoot for the two groups. It is cute and the song is a fun little Christmas jingle.

BoA / 보아 - The Shadow
Music video released Aug 17

"The Shadow" video was BoA's follow-up video this summer after she released her album and title song "Only One"
This song is addicting, it's an awesome song and the video is actually pretty interesting. It has several sets and she has an excellent and varied wardrobe. The several versions of her actually meet throughout the video. The dancing is fierce and carried out perfectly by BoA and her back-up dancers.

What were your favourite songs released this month? 


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