Kpop Fridays: 클래지콰이 - 함께라면 / Clazziquai Project - Can't Go on My Own

Clazziquai Project released their new single on Dec 4 titled "Can't Go on My Own" featuring 김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo, he's the rapper). Clazziquai Project is not really "kpop" as they are considered an indie group, but nonetheless their new song is catchy with a quirky, fun video. It’s perfect background music to have on while studying for finals.

Be sure to check out their new MV here.

The backgrounds for this MV are a combination of drawings and photos.

 The fashion in this MV suits the style of video and song well. Alex’s red pants and orange shirt would be a bit much on their own, but the black and white patterned jacket keeps them from being so.

 This is my favourite of the “rooms.” The various other spaces of the MV are located in the picture frames or even the TV.

 Alex (real name 추헌곤 Chu Hun Gon) is one of vocalists the group.
  Horan (real name 최수진 Choi Soo Jin) is the other vocalist of the group.

 Notice there are now butterflies in this room as well.

 Rapper Kim Jin Pyo is not a member of the group, he’s the one featured in the song. Interestingly, butterflies cover his eyes through most of the music video, you never actually see his full face.

 DJ Clazzi (real name 김성훈 Kim Sung Hun) mixes, composes, and produces for the group.

 I love the scenes where he rides the bike while homes in shades of grey pass in the background.

 Horan’s outfit has an almost sixties vibe to it. The diamond patterned mini dress and hat with the booties are probably why. Also do you see what I see in the background of the second photo?

 One of the rain clouds has stayed with him!

 “Oh my own, my own.” Very catchy, this will stay in your head and you might find yourself humming it at random moments.

 I might have laughed when the top half of his head suddenly caught fire, it surprised me.

 Even more butterflies!

 Same scenes as earlier, but something is different…

 The fire was extinguished! ;)

 Alex has joined Clazzi.

 This is the oddest scene to watch in the video as the flowers grow from where his neck should be.

 Horan is here now too!

 Clazzi’s red suit is the most tasteful I’ve ever seen of a suit that colour. Normally it would be quite gaudy. His expressions in this video are perfect. Of the three, he moves the most in his frame. 

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Are you a fan of Clazziquai Project?
Share your thoughts on Clazziquai Project's new single in the comments below <3


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