Kpop Fridays: 이승기 - 되돌리다 / Lee Seung Gi - Return

Lee Seung Gi released his 5.5 mini-album “Forest” with the title song and video for “Return” on Nov 21. 

The song and video are equally beautiful. The song features simple lyrics about remembering a first love and compliments Seung Gi’s vocals perfectly.
Be sure to check out the video here.

 The video starts with Seung Gi driving along a winding dirt road through the woods. Upon exiting the care he enters a portion of the forest.

 As he walks he discovers a piece of chalk, which conjures the image of his first love.

 He follows her to a piano where his past self joins her in playing. Seung Gi later replaces his younger self.

 The colours in this music video enhance where in the storyline we are. In the present day the video is in cool shades of grey and blue.

 The door leads him to his past in school, back to when he first met her.

 Their story starts similar to the one of Girl’s Day in “Don’t Forget Me.” In both videos the leads were sent into the hall… only we see that Seung Gi chose to go with her by pretending not to have his book either.
The colours in the memory are much warmer in tone than the present. He is looking back fondly on this time period and the colour scheme supports that.

 One of the cutest scenes in the video.

 Although we are given the impression that he already liked her before the start of the video, her feelings develop through out the video.

 She slaps him after his friends walk into her, knocking the pile of books out of her hand.

 The scenery is gorgeous…

 I have a hard time imagining her slap cut him; this is the only inconsistency in the video. Where did he get these cuts? The milk carton is one of the cutest apologies ever, by the way.

 Seung Gi was styled excellently in this video. The muted tones easily adapt to the colours of the various scenes. 

 These scenes directly correlate to previous ones, but show the change in their relationship.

 Notice how the colours become slightly grey and darker again? The happy memories are turning to sad ones.

 Lee Seung Gi observes everything unseen in this video, similar to when Harry travels in the pensieve’s memories in the Harry Potter series.

 The video concludes with him standing on the other side of the door back in the present with her gift. 

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