Kpop Friday: November Song Releases

I have decided to give the last Friday of every month to those that did not get their own “Kpop Friday” post, but I still loved. I cheated a tiny bit on this; one video was not uploaded in November, but it was close.

Late autumn and winter always seem to put me in the mood for slower songs. Except around the holidays, then I add a few Christmas-y songs into the mix. These four are not all ballads, but they are not exactly pop or dance songs.

Son Dam Bi – Dripping Tears
Kim Jong Kook – Men Are All Like That
Juniel – Bad Man
Kim Sung Kyu – 60 Seconds

김종국 - 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 / Kim Jong Kook – Men Are All Like That
Music video released Oct 31
I did know that Kim Jong Kook was a singer, but I have to admit I really only know him from Running Man. This is the first song he has released in two years and I completely underestimated how well he can sing. This song is more of a ballad and is beautiful to listen to.
The music video is simple, but well done in telling its story. We watch as the boy grows up and goes through several hobbies, abandoning each as a new interest comes along. I might have teared up a little at the end of the video. Also Song Joong Ki’s acting is excellent.

선담비 - 눈물이 주르륵 / Son Dam Bi – Dripping Tears
Music video released Nov 11

Prior to now the only song I had heard of Son Dam Bi was Queen. The two songs are quite different; Queen is peppy and upbeat. I find both quite catchy though. Although much of the dance is more similar to posing, it suits the song well. Both my friend and I noted Son Dam Bi is a very fluid dancer.
The video is an interesting watch. The costumes and make up choices are a bit out there at parts, but I like that about it.

김성규 - 60초 / Kim Sung Kyu – 60 Seconds
Music video released Nov 18

Sung Kyu became the first member of boy group Infinite to release a solo album. Sung Kyu’s vocals in this song impressed me, it can be hard to tell when listening to a group who can sing well vs. passable. The song has much more of a rock sound than Infinite’s music.
The video is a story between a young couple from the time they first met and fell in love to meeting after breaking up. It’s a sweet video and stars Infinite member Myungsoo.

주니엘 - 나쁜 살암 / Juniel – Bad Man
Music video released Nov 19

Juniel made her debut earlier this year with Illa Illa and is under FNC Entertainment (FT Island, CNBLUE). Much like her label mates, Juniel has a unique sound to her music that is distinctly hers. Juniel often gets compared to IU, probably because they are the same age and both singers and songwriters.
I love the backgrounds in this video; it switches from her room to a fantasy-like dream. Juniel, herself, sings and plays the guitar for most of the video, which I happen to like. 

What was your favourite song released in November? :) 


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