Kpop Fridays: 피에스타 / Fiestar - We Don't Stop

Six-member rookie girl group Fiestar 피에스타 made their comeback this week with their new song “We Don’t Stop”.  The music video was released on Nov 8.

Jei 제이, Cao Lu 차오루, Linzy 린지, Hyemi 혜미, Cheska 체스카, Yezi 예지

 This is a fun, bright and colourful video. It features fun sets, crazy clothes, and interesting hairstyles. The same director as PSY’s Gangnam Style MV directed the video. Can you spot any similarities?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the originalvideo HERE.

The video starts with sped-up talking and giggling as some of the girls “paint” the wall.

 I kind of like the pink jumpsuits, they’ve been accessorized in a fun interesting way.

 “Hmm… What are you doing up there?” For her climb up to join the members they used a stop motion film.

 Let’s go crazy on the wall! Each girl has a different style for her jumpsuit. Jei’s probably stands out the most, as she is the only one with a different top.

 The girl’s next jump through the window to…

 An insanely neon room for a dance party.

 One style concept of this particular MV is crazy pants. Linzy has a pair with a detachable apron. Cheska has a bright pair with what looks to be flames. The shape of them resembles pajama bottoms though and they clash with the shirt. Yezi’s are hot pink and yellow, but actually work well with her outfit and are quite cute.

 The girls’ are piled with accessories. Cao Lu wears at least four necklace strands and a giant pin. All on top of the most hideous fringe jacket. The largest of the necklace contrasts with the remainder of the outfit.

 This set only appears once in the MV. Each girl appears in this area with a pop art picture of herself behind her. All are wearing white themed clothing and a wig. It has the potential to be interesting, but falls flat.

 Another set that only appears briefly is this room lit with LED. It’s actually one of my favorites because the moving lights suit and enhance some of the dance moves.

 The gold is up on the roof of the building. Yezi finally gets her chance to shine in the song with a fierce rap. 

 Jumping back down to the wall. The MV started with.

 Note Cheska, Linzy, and Yezi are once again wearing insane pants.

 Confetti is always necessary at a party. Jei and Hyemi’s dresses are fun and flattering without being too over the top. Cao Lu’s has a bit too much in the accessory department.

 The final portion of the song goes through three sets, including the roof and neon room.

 Would you wear any of Linzy, Cheska or Yezi’s crazy pants?
Leave your thoughts on Fiestar’s new video in the comments below <3


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