Three Kpop MVs Featuring Seoul

In my excitement of going to Seoul in the Spring I find myself searching for just about any and everything to do with the city. If there's one common trend with Kpop videos it's the oddly lit rooms that everyone seems to live in. However, that's not always the case. Here are three of my favourite videos filmed outside in Seoul...

서울 Seoul - 소녀시대 Girls' Generation & 슈퍼주니어 Super Junior
The first one is perhaps rather obvious, but it's also one of my all time favourite Kpop videos. Overall, it's an adorable video with little love lines between the various members of Girls' Generation and Super Junior. Since the song was made to promote Seoul it features numerous famous sites in the city. This is one of those videos that as you watch it you can't help, but want to be there yourself. Which was probably the intent... The song itself is catchy and sweet, just my style!

지감 Intuition - CNBLUE
This video is probably less obvious, but nonetheless makes this list. This video has some of the most amazing night skyline shots of Seoul. Although the parts where CNBLUE are running around being mischievous are fun, it's the scenes they perform on the rooftop that I love.

강남 스타일 Gangnam Style - 싸이 PSY
Would this list be complete without Psy's ever popular video? I'm not sure, but in this video Gangnam does provide a stunning backdrop.

There are few others I know of, but these three (to me) are filmed in such a way that the parts of Seoul used as background are gorgeous and attention grabbing. I can't wait to go to Seoul and see some of these places in person!

What's your favourite video featuring Seoul? 


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